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Why i am Not Getting any Orders after 3 Months?

I have been Using Fiverr from Last 3 Months but Still Unable to Make a Single Sale. Can anybody help me finding Flaws in My Gig or any other Promotional Startegy ? Here is My Gig Link.


Try using buyer request section and also promote your gig on social media.

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Try to do:

  1. 24/7 online in Fiverr account and forum
  2. Bid 10 request everyday with properly (If it does not familiar with your service don’t worry send your best selling gig with nice article)
  3. Everyday do like, comment , love, read topic smartly in Fiverr forum.
  4. Choose some effective social media platform and share your gig with some nice article.
  5. Do it continuously 7 days then see magic!



@raihanrifatfive Thanks, bro I will try

Hello and greetings from Athens. I think you will find this helpful

Good luck
Maria S.

I remember it took me almost 2 months to get my first order. Don’t be impatient, the time will come for sure.
In the meanwhile make sure to have a catchy portfolio and title and a good description and FAQs. Also, if you work outside Fiverr, ask some of your clients to work through the platform. Having 1 or 2 positive ratings might speed up the process.

Good luck!

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You have to Focus on your Gig. If you are experienced and Skilled please try to design your gig image different from other Gig Image. And in Title, Tag and Description you have to use unique word’s. And make your gig seo friendly. I also suggest you to share your gig on social media and try to get client from there. I hope if you follow this instruction you will get order soon. Happy Freelancing.

raihanrifatfive Thanks a Lot