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Why I am not getting any orders although I am doing everything right


Well, it’s been almost two months but I am not getting any order. I have sent Three offers in buyer request but no response as well. I have edited my gig a couple of times to give it more and more professional look but still, there are NO orders. I am not sure what I am doing wrong because as far as I know, I have been doing all that I have been told to do by some experienced Sellers through this forum and others.
This is very wrong that new sellers aren’t getting any orders in spite of working so hard. If new sellers won’t get orders the transparency of the system is in trouble.

Please, someone, guide me What is it that I am doing Wrong.
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Below some tips from this forum:

  1. Stay online as much as possible as you are new seller
  2. Make gig title short but attractive and thumbnail image eye-catchy
  3. Write the appropriate message When you send buyer request. Make it short and smart.

Though I am also new seller here but got these tips from this forum. I love the forum as it is too much helpful. Happy freelancing.


I am doing everything but will follow these.
Thank You


Perhaps people find it difficult to believe that your name is really Peter Parker, and/or are looking for someone who appears to be a bit more serious and experienced than a teenage friendly neighborhood Spider-Man to write their resume or suggest them business names?


Imagine I am one of your potential customers looking for a resume. There are 100’s of other sellers ready to do the same job as you. I want to make sure I hire the right person for the job. I go and check to see if you have any mock samples available for me to view. You don’t, so i move on to the next person.


I would advise that you change your way of thinking here. It isn’t Fiverr’s responsibility to give you orders. Even if they wanted to, you’re selling to real people, and Fiverr can’t force anyone to buy. It’s your job, as a small business owner, to market to these people and convince them to buy from you.

What are your gig metrics like? Do lots of people visit your gigs, but not buy? If so, you need to change your gigs to better convince people to buy from you. Or do your gigs get no traffic? In which case, maybe think about experimenting with your gig titles and image to find something that’s more eye-catching. Don’t wait for other sellers on the forum to tell you what to do here, as we’ve all got our own businesses to run as well! You need to try different things, experiment, and find something that works for you.

You don’t provide any examples of your work on either of your gigs. Where’s your portfolio? If I’m going to spend money with you, I want to see some examples of what you’re capable of, and you don’t seem to have any. Maybe add some of your portfolio to show prospective clients what you’re capable of?

One point - and please, don’t take this the wrong way, as I’m saying it in kindness, not personal… but your profile image is a posed image of you staring into the lens, and it kind of makes you look a bit moody. It’s a great photo, and would be perfect for Instagram! But here on Fiverr, people will judge you based on your images, and looking moody can make people think that you might be unapproachable. Maybe experiment with a picture where you’re smiling, and see if more people get in touch? People like to buy from friendly people at the end of the day!


My profile image is DEAD serious lol. I’m a rapper/ghostwriter so I think I may be the exception to the rule.


You’re definitely an exception - your image is perfect for your gig!


Hello, one reason might be that you have randomly capitalized words throughout the description on your gig for resumes.


@peterparkerweb - all your images are stock photos, none of them examples of your work.

You offer COLOURFUL resumes, which certainly put me off. Not great for anyone but creatives - and even then, stock images.

Creatives are a niche - you should mention that in your description, if that’s who you’re aiming at. Professionals don’t like colour on their resumes.

Your ssl certificate gig: let’s encrypt is free. I know this because I have one on each of my own sites and have installed them on various other people’s sites.

So. My advice is: think about what you’re offering, mock up some samples, take screen shots and upload them to your gig.


As to the SSL gig a) if you’re only asking for cpanel access then it’s not going to work properly and b) it takes less than 5 minutes, so you’re charging too much.


I was sending 10 (that was the limit) a day in the beginning, try offering lower rates in the beginning and ask for constructive feedback from your customers on how to improve DO NOT ASK FOR REVIEWS

Saying “I am doing everything right” is the worst thing you can do especially in the beginning. Your progress and sucess will tell you if you are doing “it” right :wink:

Best of luck and lots of sucess to you! :)))


Hi Patrick,

Unless I understood you incorrectly, please never do this - by no means. This could get you, and any users doing so, into serious trouble.

Asking in any way for “feedback” or any other word related to “review” is against Fiverr’s TOS, leading to warnings and even possible banning of the account.


In your SSL certificate gig you say:

  • I will do the maintenance for a YEAR for FREE.
  • Every THREE months It will need maintenance to renew Certificate which is Included in this order and I will do it for you.

Remember that the terms of service says that “gigs may be removed for the following…”

  • Services that extend beyond 30 days of service duration

Well I have been flagged for the keyword, it was reviewed and no harm was done, guess in the end it just comes down to the intention behind it.

Here is what I say:

“If you have any questions or suggestions whatsoever regarding the delivery or my service in general, feel free to reach out any time!”

I do not see why Fiverr would have any isue with that, nor does the TOS address that as far as I noticed.


Your fist comment “and ask for constructive feedback from your customers on how to improve.” was worded in a very general way, therefore, the reason for my reply.

As for this second comment of yours, it expresses something different since you’re basically asking to chat with your buyers about whatever they feel, if they want. Nevertheless, even so, I would walk that way in tiptoes and try not to play with fire.

There are matters that are very sensible in Fiverr and, whatever may be on the green today, tomorrow might not.

Just be careful on how you word what you want to mean, since it only takes one buyer to report you or, as you said, being flagged by a keyword but this time CS staff considering your message at fault.

Forgot to say that not everything is written on the TOS, many things are interpretative and have to be considered joining different concepts and rules.


Nice tips every one should follow :gift

Best tips