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Why i am not getting any orders?i am getting impressions,views but no orders

i have tried each and every thing staring from using more specific key words to promoting the gigs on tweeter,quora…all of these so called shortcuts.but …no + response.i signed up here in 2018 but i didnt activated my gigs…right now its been 1 month since i activated my gigs .
i just want to have atleast 4-5 orders per month atleasttt .but huuuuuu nothing is happening .i didnt even knew tht there is a option of forum here where people used to i discovered this option on my account .
to all the 1 ,2 level seller out there plz do share with me .cauz i want that money.
kainat from pakistan

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@kainatnoor355 I think that you have to wait and be patient. I am sure that you will start getting orders very soon. Good Luck…

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thanks for ur kind words :slightly_smiling_face:

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This is the wrong mindset to bring to any job. Your goal should be to help people. Money is ‘payment received for services rendered’. If you don’t work, you don’t get paid.


@imagination7413 I agreed :100:% with your statement that Money is ‘payment received for services rendered’.

I think this forum platform will help you and we all to get cleared the doubts and get much jobs…we will wait…

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The key word is “so called”. This shortcuts doesn’t work. Or work but only for a very small percentage of people who got lucky.
If you were just spamming your gig links on tweeter and quora instead of doing proper marketing that takes quite some time before you can see results then I’m sorry to say that of course it wouldn’t have worked.

Businesses are not built overnight, some take over a year to build a profitable business. If you are thinking that you should be getting 4-5 orders per month just because “you want it” then that might not happen.
Approach your work from the point of view of a business not a gig on a platform.

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@kainatnoor355 Read these articles you may find them useful

and also

Best Regards


inshallah :slightly_smiling_face:

hi.well i am doing proper marketing .but i think this is gonna take some time .but i’ll try to further improve it thanks for participating.:blush:

i am working hard.and soon i’ll get the result also.

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@kainatnoor355 Greetings!!

I am also new to Fiverr. I am also getting views and impressions. But no orders. From past encounters from level 1 and level 2 individuals say that we ought to be patient. Hope you get orders very soon

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What do you call a proper marketing? What actions exactly you were doing?

Before to start creating your first gig you should understand those terms:

  • The different types of market
  • Market research
  • Buyer persona
  • Pricing strategies
  • AIDA model
  • SEO fundamentals
  • The color psychology
  • Marketing vs spamming

Pro tip: After learning those terms, you need to keep trying to understand what works good with you because that’s what under your control.


we all have to wait and be patient .
even me waiting for orders.
all the best

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i have joined facebook fiver groups ,i posted there …and i use to reply on the tweets who is in the need of the services related to mine ,and i have also shared my gigs with my uni professors. .thats it.

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I’m sorry that’s not marketing. That’s why I said before in my previous comment that it’s just spamming. Of course it’s exaggerated but it is.

Hi, when I checked out your profile the first thing I spot was a bad gig image. It’s all cramped up and that’s usually a sign for me as a buyer that the sellers gig is not of a high standard.
Maybe you should also concentrate on 2 or 3 gigs instead of 7. Do the one’s you like doing the most.

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The profile picture you’re using can also be found on adult websites. If anybody reverse image searches your pic and sees that, they won’t want to order from you.

3 Likes guide mewhat is marketing?how can i do that?and where?