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Why I am not Getting any Orders On


Hi, My name is Puneet . I am working on as a Web Developer. I got some orders on Fiverr. All orders are completed at the time. Customers are satisfied with my work. Some of the Customers gave me tip for my work. But my question is that why I am not getting orders.


Could be any number of things. Since there’s been an increase in competition, that’s part of the reason your not seeing a lot of orders. Your gig may be too similar to all the other competition too. Check out your competition and see what their offering and your not. Also market yourself outside of fiverr to get more orders!


Been on fiverr over a year, since the new changes, had my first month ever without a single order. Getting the feeling this will be month 2. Not loving these changes at all.




Hello, I’m sorry to tell you this, but you don’t have an account on fiverr. I guess you were banned.

The user account you are looking for is no longer available.


He is just a victim of the forum bug - his account is active under the username garythomas950 - the bug adds and extra 1 to his name


Guess Again lol - forum bug :wink:


Is it bcoz his id ends with a zero?