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Why?i am not getting any single order,help me

I am not get any single order, my fiverr account is 3 or 4 weeks old ,I will do background removal and photoshops work ,why i not get any order can any one help me ?

I see a lot of new people asking about why they aren’t getting sales for this category.

I don’t sell in it myself, but from an ‘outsiders’ perspective it just looks like there are too many people offering the same thing and there just isn’t enough demand for everyone to get orders. While the same can be said for most, if not every category, this one just seems to have very little demand in comparison to other categories.

You could try offering more for the same cost - for example, having your basic package be $5 for 50 images. And looking at your other packages on this same gig, I feel like they should be a separate gig altogether. Have one gig for background removal, and another for other photo editing.


Better advice would be to just switch to a different service, otherwise when will it end? 1000 images for $5? A million? That market is saturated to a point where it’s basically impossible to undercut on price.

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That’s true. Would probably be for the best.

Not to mention that it’s a service that will simply disappear short term. Photoshop already does that for most images automatically with a couple clicks, and it can be batch automated, so no point in selling it anyway.

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because these services are overcrowded.

if you want to get orders, start promoting your services, like people does in the real world.

you won’t get noted just because you created a gig. you won’t get orders just because you created a gig.

Fiverr is just a marketplace where you can promote your services, nothing else.

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