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Why i am not getting buyers request on my account?


Hi , I am new here . I am here to render services but I am not seeing the buyers request on my page . Please what can I do?
Thank you …


You could take the time to market and promote your gigs to the people who need your services – like any business does. Who needs your services? Where are those people located? Go to those places and tell those people about what you offer.


No offense, but you can start by using a real profile pic.


I am having same problem


It looks like the OP is no longer on Fiverr.

Fake profile picture, selling likes and followers… Don’t do that.


:sunglasses::if you are seller check your gig tags .refresh your page different time
so publish about 3 different gigs .then seeing the buyers
also search on google and get more too


if you have like 5 gigs, change 3 gigs subcategory to others, and reload the buyer request page and you will see plenty offers