Why i am not getting client knock at this gig?


Hi ,
I think you are very well and doing great .

I was fine , but i am day by day going bed to worst position .

I have a gig from which i earned a lot , but suddenly i lost that position . Now i am not getting response / knock from any client on my gig

this is the gig link - https://www.fiverr.com/bimolete420/design-awesome-landing-page ,

can you please explain me what is the problem ?

or is there any problem with my gig ?

or how can i get sell ?

I am continuously sharing my gig on different social marketing , but not getting any result .

Great thanks in advance

have a good day

Great thanks again


ups and downs make freelancing upredictable as well adventurous yet beautiful… keep patience ups are coming…


Okay brother . I am little confused really , since 3 month i am at bad position , not getting any client message or order

however great thanks again .
have a good day

Cheers :slight_smile: