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Why I am not getting enough buyer request?

I am new in fiverr. I am a video editor. I got 6 project 3 project I successfully completed and 1 project i am working on today it will be completed. but in a project buyer did not tell that his video length is 2 hours long. For small price did not want to that big project that’s why I canceled. and the last one I was not able to do that job that’s buyer canceled. And my gig rating is decreasing because I did not marketing my gig in few days. What to do now? Please help.

Thank you

Check it out. Buyer Request Complaints (Few Requests, Etc.)

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I have read out all of those. but I think you did not read my post properly. I know the rules I just wanted suggestion
Thank you

Just keep your patience. And be honest with buyer.


Don’t just respond to any BR if the requirements are not clear. As you can see you will end up cancelling or not able to complete the project and you rating will suffer.

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Tnx …They did not tell me clearly. For cancelling 2 order my profile position is very bad. I am not getting any buyer request . What should I do now?

I never betrayed any buyer rather I did more work for him. But 1 of them lied me when he ordered