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Why I am not getting enough work now

Hello Experts,

I am a Level Two sellers for many years but these days more than a year, I am not getting enough work. Why?

Anyone can help?

Since, fiverr has changed and narrowed the categories subcategories and now again set the theme, the work has been reduced too much.

I hardly earn $500 a month which is too less

Please help me get more work. I am not a fresher. I am here for many years and feeling helpless now


Unfortunately, pretty much everyone is experiencing this. These articles may help you put the situation in perspective:

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Please help me get more orders - at least 2000$ a month

Read the articles. That’s all the help you need.

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Your profile and some of your gigs mention “CreateSpace Formatting”. Maybe that could be reworded/changed now that it’s no longer possible to publish on CreateSpace (even physical books would need to use something like KDP)?


UK1000, that’s a nice catch. I will change that

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