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Why i am not getting impressions?

I had created gig of android app development i had added images videos share gig on social media but getting any more impressions i had only got 50 impressions in 7 days i think why i am not getting impressions please expert check my gig i need to get orders i need work its very urgent sir hope you will understand.

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Unfortunately, we cannot do anything to get you orders. You need to connect to your target customers, show them how you can solve their problems, and convince them to hire you. Any orders you earn, will be a result of your actions, not anything we do.

Keep in mind too, there are nearly 10,900 gigs in the Custom App category here on Fiverr. You need to find a way to be better and more appealing than those 10,000+ other sellers if you want to earn the business of buyers looking through that category.

Many new buyers don’t like to hear this, but what I’m going to tell you is true. Just because you have a gig, as a seller here on Fiverr, does not guarantee that you will have orders. Your gig is a business, and to be successful in your business, you need to treat is as a daily job. Market, promote, reach out, and have a gig that captures the attention of your target customers.

The better you are at overcoming your competition, the more likely it is that you will be able to earn the orders you seek.


Thanks you soo much sir for your answer
Do you think i need to be online 24 hours on fiverr?

I don’t think so, but the frequency of visits is important!

No, being online 24/7 will not guarantee you any more orders.

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First off, unless you are a robot or alien that needs no sleep, family time or time for fun, it is impossible to be ON this site 24/7. Besides, why would you even want to be on this site 24/7? That isn’t going to get you orders, regardless of what you may have heard on someone’s blog, you tube channel, this forum or whatever source you may have heard that little gem of advice. Also, the “frequency” of being here is also NOT going to get you orders. I am only on here maybe 2 hours a day and I get orders daily. What you do need is a Gig that stands out and a plan on how you will market that Gig. As Jon advised, you have A LOT of competition in your category. Just because you made a Gig does not mean you will make a sale or living on this platform. You need to see how your skills measure up to those of your competition - and only offer work that you are truly qualified to do. Many put up Gigs in popular categories only to fail miserably when they do not understand the customer’s needs or do not have the needed skills to finish the job in a way that will get them more business.

So, no, living on Fiverr 24/7 will NOT be an attractant to potential buyers.



Thanks a lot for clear explanation.