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Why i am not getting my gig by filter search under the category of gigs?

Hello Fiverr’s, Thanks for watching my Question.

I created 2 new gigs almost 1 week ago. And these gigs are Activated. and also i am looking there is being improved impressions, click and viewers. but when i am going to see my gig by filter serach then there is not getting my gig.

So i am confused that my gig is live or not?

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Go to Selling > Gigs to see which Gigs are active. If you’re trying to search for your own Gig, probably why you can’t find it. If you’re not getting no impressions, try using tags that others aren’t.


Your gig is on the top row, the second place, under “post ads classified”.

It is on the second page of your category on the fifth row if I search for it under your category.

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Thanks therighttwo, Now I have total 7 gigs, and 7 gigs are activated, 5 gigs are getting by search, but not only getting 2 gigs by search. Also getting impression on 2 these gigs, but i think that imprassion is being for my social media share. because i shared these gigs on social media sites. I can’t understand what i will do please help me. :sleepy:

Thanks misscrystal, for your answer. Yes i know that my 2 gigs are first page. I was total 5 gigs, but i recently created more 2 new gig’s, i am not getting these 2 new gig’s under the category’s