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Why I am not getting order on fiverr?

Hi there,
Now i have 6 Gigs. Anybody cheak my gig error and reply me.why i am not getting Order.
Please cheak my profile.



  1. For some of your gigs, you may need to lower your cost. For e.g., your photo manipulation gig, it starts at $20. When I searched that same job, the top 10 were either the same price or lower, with some having 1K+ reviews. So as a buyer, I would faster select them. If I were you, I’d lower my price. When you’re now starting off, it’s not about making a profit, or even earning a decent amount, it’s about getting jobs just for those 5 star reviews. And once you’ve built up enough, you can increase your price.

  2. Advertise on social media, as much as possible. You’re in a popular selling category, so get your gig out there.

For Your Own Benefit:

  1. You need to restructure your deliverables. Unlimited revisions rarely ever benefit the seller. If you offer unlimited revisions, a buyer can return a year later and demand revisions. Set a finite amount of revisions and stick to it. Offering unlimited wouldn’t help, it’ll just open you up to exploitation by the wrong buyer.

  2. 24/7 availability. This one is just my opinion, but again, I wouldn’t offer this. You’re basically telling the buyer they can message you any second of the day with changes, and those changes can be immediately implemented.


Well said, I tell him so to obey your words. I wanted to say these, those you have mentioned here…
May Allah bless you.


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Very useful information thanks for sharing your thoughts


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