Why I am not getting order? Should I need to improve my gig?


Hi all,
20 days ago, I joined at fiverr. I don’t know, my gig is ready for order or not. if it’s ready So, Why I am not getting order? Should I need to improve my gig?
Please take a look at my profile and gigs. Suggest me how can i improve it more. I really appreciate your suggestions.


Are you marketing and promoting your gig on your own, to bring in more customers? That’s how businesses gain customers… and your gigs are a business. Why wouldn’t you take the time to reach out to your customers and tell them what you have to offer?

You’re not going to find work on Fiverr if you’re not willing to do the work to earn it.


Thanks for your message.
Yes, I would like to marketing. But some people said at youtube, create an account at twitter, then retweet with your gig link. It feels bad to me. It feels it’s a spam and I don’t want to do that. But I don’t know the exact marketing system. Can you help me please.

Thanks again


I recommend that you conduct an internet search for “how to market my business”. You’ll find thousands of articles to give you ideas on how to market your gigs.

Good luck!