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Why i am not getting orders and even no inbox

I have been on fiver for like 4 to 5 months but i am not getting any order and not even inbox. Can anyone tell me the problem in my account or gig or something that i should do to get orders.

My Fiver Account:

Any help would be highly appreciated.

Thank You!

edit: I it didn’t show any when I first loaded the page - but I refreshed it and it does show them now. I’ll have another look at the page/gigs.

I had a quick look at the page and it seems okay. One of your gigs says " so you can get satisfactory work" - you could maybe change the line as satisfactory might sound to some as not the best possible.

If you’re not getting orders, you could check your pricing is competitive. Also maybe send offers to BR that you can do so you start getting orders and reviews from there which should help with other orders.

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Thanks for your time i really appreciate it. i will look into the things you told me.
Thanks Again