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Why i am not getting orders ? despite the fact i am getting impressions

Can somebody tell me why I am not getting orders on my gig, however, I know the fundamentals of sharing and promoting gigs but after doing such things like putting the good primary image, description, and fair price, still iam not getting orders


Impressions don’t guarantee sales. Your gig doesn’t really stand out, there’s nothing that would particularly make your gig more appealing than other gigs in the data entry category. I would recommend looking at the top rates sellers in this category and seeing what they’ve done to stand out.

You haven’t really got any examples to show your work, and you haven’t really listed any concrete experience. Nothing on your gig makes you seem particularly reliable for this job. I would focus on increasing your perceived reliability and making your gig stand out more, such as using original pictures, telling buyers a bit about yourself and your experience, etc.


Read what Andy did. It may help you. :wink:


thanks a lot, I agree with points and definitely correct those things in the gig.