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Why i am not getting orders even i got good impressions and clicks?

I am really tried my best to get my first order on fiver but always my all hard work gone in vain no buyer respond me even on i sent daily buyer request to the buyer but no one reply me. I wrote my proposal in different ways but always the same result. Please tell me where i done the mistake.


Brother i also have the problem how i explain your problem

It’s forum. Not support here.

Delete and create again. And promote social media & blogging.


I had a quick look at your gig.

Please do the following to get more orders.

  1. Use a clear and concise description that illustrates what you offer, to whom you offer, how you offer and what do you expect from the customers.

  2. Utilize the FAQ Section. It will add more confidence.

  3. Use a gig image that will stand out. There are too many words in your gig image. Please reduce it.

Using these tips would help you get more orders in the long run.


Thanks miris_labs for your informative tips about my gig but i couldn’t understand how i write attractive and unique description with eye catching image which attract the customers.

@ithabibbd If you want help you just need to create your own topic. Asking for help in someone else’s topic is not allowed on the forum.

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Thanks vidmah,

I done twice tell me how to promote on social media platforms.

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Dear! Don’t be hopeless. Wait and claim down.


My feeling is that your gig is not pretty. My impression is that even if you include the tag properly, your image will not be attractive.

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Share your gigs on twitter, fb, Instagram with popular hashtags


Yes logodesign36h but i have no idea ho to change things in that way which brings me up.

helpful tips. Thannks

Can you please go through my gig? Need your suggestions

Thank you

Free marketing- Share your gigs on Social Media and blogging.
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Take a choice.
Best of luck.

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You should brand your profile in social media.

  • Be active long time

  • Send Buyer Request

  • Try to response fast.


And well come on fiverr Don’t worry keep patience and stay online 24/7 and you will get order soon or later but keep in mind never give up.


Thanks brother for appreciation

keep patience.Patience is bitter, but its fruit is sweet