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Why I am not getting orders from last 18 days?

Why I am not getting orders from last 18 days and even I dont get any single messege from them! Can anyone help and quide me ?

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Your gig is not listing in fiverr search
Plz check, I am also facing these problems.

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I am also facing this.What is the solution?

You are not alone. For some reason fiverr search results are decreased. I even contacted CS about this. Let’s wait for their reply.

There are many reasons for example you may be a new in fiverr then use buyer request to get an should promote your gig to increase the clicks and views.

@expertking007 I think your gig not stand a good ranking. Everyday send 10 buyer request and also share your gig in social media platform

Here is the reason why? Last year it was the same at this part of the year everybody complaning about not getting any orders

knock the Contact Support

Please do not assume that everybody is not getting orders. This is not true. Thousands of sellers on Fiverr are doing just fine. It is, however, the sellers who treat their gigs like businesses, and reach out to their target customers that tend to find the most success.

@creative_shah19 , @paul_paprimodak , @njolela are you treating your gigs like a business, and reaching out to your target customers? If you don’t take the time to go find your customers and show them how you can solve their problems, how are those customers going to find you and purchase from you?

Customers don’t appear by magic. You’re going to have to go out and find them.

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Thank you for your such a nice information

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How to contact fiverr support ? Can you please guide me ?

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Yes I treat my gigs like business and everyday I send 10 Buyer request I think fiverr slow down my profile!

i also face the same problem…

This is the reply from CS about the issue. Guess there is someting messed up.

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Can you please tell me what did you say in your CS Message and what category you select while asking it?

Thank you

*Graphics and Design > 3D Models & Product Design

This what i have sent. Lets hope they apply some fix to my account too. Thanks

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try to edit your gig a little bit and use all your buyer request every day

I am also face this problem.

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Other Thousands of sellers on Fiverr are not doing fine.

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