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Why i am not getting orders please help me


I am working on fiverr like mads still i am not getting any orders why. please help me


You have 3 sells, you will have more be patient.Best of luck:)


its taking hughe time


Share you gigs on social media, sent buyer request. Buyer request is the best way to get orders for newbies like us.


I got my 3 orders from buyer request.


i always send buyer request still its not working. i am frustrated. is fiverr a waste of time?


I have send 200 buyer request and only 3 hire me:)


I don’t know whether we will get orders. or will be ending up leaving the fivver


keep trying you will get soon.


Don’t lose heart, try try again.


how much days have you been on fiverr?


I am from may :slightly_smiling_face: 3 months


how much sale did you do?


I am working on 3rd.


it takes hughe time on fiverr to get orders


Yes but some people got from the start.


what service you offer??


Designing logo, t-shirt


same here i also offer the same



I would like to point out that there are like several THOUSAND people who offer services in designing logos and images. Your field is a very saturated one. So, one needs to put in greater effort to garner attention to oneself.

Don’t get disheartened. Keep sending as many buyer requests as you can. You will notice that you will gradually get better at drafting buyer request offers and come up with idea of your own on how to make your offers look attractive to the buyers out there. Instead of feeling dejected, try and take it as a challenge.

Also, here are some forum posts about buyer requests that you might find informative-

Best wishes.