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Why i am not getting orders?




Just from the short title, I spot a little grammar mistake, and then I found out

that you offer a writing gig.

It’s also mentioned in one of your reviews that you have made mistakes with the grammar.

For someone who says “Proper grammar and spelling are keys to my writing,” that doesn’t look too good. Your gig titles has some grammar mistakes as well. It’s my guess that that is why you

are not getting orders maybe.

Personally I will be extremely picky if I was going to ask someone to write something for me, and I will pay extreme close attention to their profile/review/description.

Others might not be as picky as me, but at least that’s my thought. :slight_smile:


Reply to @zeus777: This seems to be a common theme with writing gigs. Some undereducated or unaware buyers might go for it, but the vast majority will notice these errors and steer clear.


I seem to be having that trouble too