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Why I am not getting "Promote your gig" feature?

I am a level two seller. Why I am not getting the “Promote your gig” feature?
Is there any other condition required for getting this feature?

See this link:

It’s a manual process according to them and even if you meed all the other requirements it says “You meet additional quality metrics” and they don’t specify what those are.

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Thank you so much for your reply.
Yes I meet all the following standards:

  • You’re a Level 2 or Top Rated seller
  • At least one of your Gigs is in an eligible category
  • Your Gig scored 4.7 in public rating
  • Your Gig has at least 30 reviews

Whiteout this last one " You meet additional quality metrics" since we don’t know what is it actually! :v

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