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Why i am not getting promoted to level 1?

Hi! everyone. I am new to fiverr, but I have completed 11 sales on time with excellent ratings

but I haven’t been promoted to level 1, I am not able to understand why… :((

I completely understand having the “goal” in mind to reach to level up, but what I have learned is that patience is really key. Keep providing excellent service and everything else will fall into place. Stay encouraged and keep smiling because you will get there. :slight_smile:

Contact with fiverr support to know what’s the problem

@thecheeselover I can say that when I first signed on I was watching the “count” like a person obsessed. Again, that was me, not speaking about anyone else. LOL. Then one day it dawned on me that it was going to be what it was going to be. I told myself, “chill girl and just enough the experience.” There is enough pressures in life each and every day…don’t make this one of them. My self talk commentary. All that to say, remain encouraged and have joy on the journey. :slight_smile:

You are now Level 1. Congratulations! (%)

I believe we have a great support team which is ready to help us concerning any ambiguity

Reply to @kjblynx: Yeah! it’s been 33 day’s now since I joined FIVERR…

Reply to @jdyarbrough: So this happend with you also???
by the way thanks, I really needed that line you said… :slight_smile:

Reply to @usahmad: Oh! thanks for the suggestion… :slight_smile: