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Why I am not getting sales on my gig? Please help me anyone?

No sales and No traffic. Working on fiverr since 2018. Why only me?


You need to find the market
Promote your gig in social media networks
Send the buyer requests (10)
Create gig videos
Use good topics for gigs
Use good tags
Articles related to fiverr. Video, see
Because it’s a competitive market. Make good new inventions
See the forum’s tips 1 1 1 1 2 3 3 1 2 2 3


I saw the sample images from your graphic design/animation gig.
Are any of those images yours?
If you have randomly chosen those images online, that is one reason
buyers are avoiding you for sure.


What you could do is send offers to buyer requests which will help to get reviews if ordered which will help with future orders.

You could also split the “graphic design and animator” gig into two, because that will allow the animation gig to be in a category related to animation and that will help buyers to find it, and it will also help you to get more relevant buyer requests for it, as well as it will allow you to create a specific gig info video for it.


uk1000 gave you good advice up there, but in order for any of those to work, you
need to use your OWN images.
I decided to go check and boom, there you go, you’re using an image from another level 2 seller. Did you even notice there is the “level 2” badge on the image before you decided to take it?

The “no sales no traffic” isn’t something that it happening only to you, however, it IS something that does happen to anyone that is unprofessional and dishonest.


Yeah, that could be the reason. Thanks you all for your precious opinions.

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Definitely split graphic design and animation. It’s confusing what you’re offering there, and I can imagine a buyer not being confident in what they’re ordering, so they just move on.


Sure I will try my best to apply all your suggestions.

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You are very welcome.
However you might want to go ahead and remove the other images that does not belong to you.
The image of the man with the cityscape in the background belongs to an
Indonesian artist. Also, did you work on Legends Never Die?

Many sellers are quite careful when placing orders.
If you want to get orders, be sure to present the best work
you’ve created.


There are lot of freelancer in this marketplace. To sell your gig you have to create your gig very attractive.Need keyword research on your topic. Have to do some valid marketing not spaming. 10 Buyer request must.

Wish you all the very Best.

Thank you guys for your support.

I got my first order on the same gig you was wrong and Unmeaningful.

Just cuz you got an order on a gig that obviously has plenty of room for improvement (as correctly pointed out by other forum users), it doesn’t make @zeus777 wrong.

All these :arrow_down: are still very true:

You need to realize that the other forum users are only trying to help you out. We are not your enemies. @zeus777 has given some excellent suggestions. In the end, it is up to you to decide whether or not you’re gonna listen to them and improve yourself/your Fiverr profile. :man_shrugging:


My my, it’s too bad you think that way. :woman_facepalming:
You asked a question, so I pointed out what I thought was an obvious mistake.
In fact you still haven’t removed those images from your illustration gig.
You might be wondering why the heck am I even saying this to you (and I am aware
that this is doing nothing and I should just keep my mouth shut), being an illustrator myself, I’d be furious if someone was using MY image as their own.
Since I am a seller here, how Fiverr sellers present themselves is quite important to me.
What are you planning on doing if someone orders your gig saying “Hi, I really like that image with the man, can you draw something like that, in the very same style?”

If you are still not aware of what your mistake is, you’ll have a hard time
finding success here. If you are indeed serious about makes sales here, I do hope
you start doing the right thing. After all, success is what you are after, I assume??

OK, I’m done with this thread. Ta-ta.


You may get order on a gig which is not well optimized. It is possible. And that does not mean that all those are wrong who suggested you to do some useful things for your own betterment.

However, I just checked your profile, I do not see any active or delivered (rated) order on your gigs.

Please do not take other users comments negative. Every body try to help others to the best of his/her knowledge as much as possible.



I have seen your profile and I would like to suggest you, kindly follow these steps and it will definitely help you:

  1. Research about the Keyword and then edit the GiG name.
  2. Use relevant keywords in the TAG Section and also in the GIG description.
  3. Give brief details about what you are providing in the GIG Plan (Basic, Standard, and Premium)
  4. Add Eye-Cathing Portfolio.
  5. Promote your GIG as much as you can.
  6. Try to promote your GIG in the Relevant Social Media Pages, Groups.

Mistake? I think you are being too diplomatic with her.

It’s not a mistake, she is a thief. She stole images and work from other people and she still keeps arguing about this and not removing images from her gig.

@dakshchourasia I wouldn’t be so diplomatic as @zeus777, I’m going to tell you the truth. You stole someone else else’s work and presenting it as yours. That sis copyright infringement. And fiver banning account RIGHT AWAY for this without any warnings (well they do in rare cases). It takes one of us reporting your gig or the original people who created images and your account will be gone in a blink of an eye.
I’m an illustrator myself and I hate to the bottom of my heart when someone teals my work. I have no sympathy in this case.

It’s up to you if you want to listen to us and remove images that doesn’t belong to you or keep playing Russian roulette by keeping them.

Good luck.


Please don’t take my words negative.
I am not showing those images as my own work. I had just uploaded them to make my gig attractive. Nothing more than that, nothing less than that. I would surely remove that image soon.
Thank you all

If you are displaying those images on YOUR PROFILE, YOU ARE presenting them as YOUR OWN WORK. Even if you were to credit the creators of those images, it would still be considered copyright infringement, and it will get you a ToS warning or an account ban.


Okay I will remove the image soon.