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Why I am not promoting to level 1 seller?

I have been active for more than 30 days.
My cancelation rate is low which is 8%
I have completed more than 25 sales and got 35 orders till now.
Everything is as required but I have not been promoted.
What is this?
I have also complained fiverr customer support but there is no reply from 2 days
What should I do now?

You’ll have to wait for Customer Support to get a solid answer to this. They’re the only ones who have control on your Levels. You can always try to make a follow up request to your original one, but I suggest you wait a little longer before doing so.

Were you active for 30 consecutive days? Because that’s also important!

Yes its more than 30 days.
I am active everyday.

Perhaps it has something to do with the fact that you are trying to sell social media likes, followers and subscribers. Fiverr does not support those gigs because they against the legal terms of service for Youtube and Facebook. When you break the rules of other websites, Fiverr is not going to view you as a positive seller here on this site. And, as a result, that might be why you aren’t being promoted to level 1.

I recommend that you find other services to offer – services for which you have unique skills. Fiverr will likely be deleting your current gigs because social media sites do not like it when people try to sell likes, followers and subscribers.

You will definitely have to wait for Customer Support to answer. The only other guess I would have is the cancellations. They may not see 8% as “low” if those are not mutual cancellations.