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Why i am not rated as level One?

I have joined Fiverr One month ago, Till today i have completed 20 orders and 18 of them are with Excellent 5 star review ( 2 of them buyer didn’t gave me any review ).

As i know Fiverr requires 30 DAYS ACTIVE + 10 SALES + EXCELLENT RATING to be a level one seller. Though i have reached those milestone, then why i am not awarded by a level one seller batch?? I don’t know. Even i didn’t get any warnings too.

Can anyone explain why i am not awarded by level one seller batch?


I see that you got your Level 1 badge. Congratulations!

In case that someone else has the same problem: it may take a day or two (or few) to get the level badge once you’re eligible. Don’t panic! :slight_smile:

This is true - furthermore – As a seller here for some years now. I honestly don’t even think about the badge thing. It doesnt help you complete sales or make more $$. It offers you tools that allow you to do that only slightly easier … but you can simply add your “Extras” costs to your gig description and remove a few of of them as you get to actually post more extras due to your badge leveling up.