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Why i am not receiving orders after getting a level 1 status

I am about one month old on fiverr. Before getting the level 1 status i was usually getting an oder a day on one of my gig but my orders are totally vanished as i got the level one status on my gig. I got 100% rating and a lot of great comments too on this gig.

Please can any one help me in this regards.

am also same just only two weeks for me still just only one order i don’t know why i cant get the orders

At this moment any comment will be a good one :slight_smile:

Reply to @quickjobdone: I’ve sent you a PM about this

I tend to think that after the first few weeks, they de-index your gig to give newbies a fair shake. I went from 140k views in my first week, to now 1 month later getting just 300 views over the last 3 weeks. This is why it’s a really good idea to not rely solely on Fiverr for income. Mitigate your risk by building a strong profile across several platforms. That way if one dries up, you still have fall backs. :wink:

Other reasons are: too many sellers, too many poor quality gigs, and fewer buyers (because of poor quality services that are promoted by Fiverr algorithms against high quality gigs).

For example, how is possible a gig with 2 sales to be in front of a gig with 1000 sales? The buyers don’t have time to check the reviews of 10-20 gigs to get an idea about the quality of gig they will order. So, usually buyers are shocked after they are ordering gigs listed in first positions by Fiverr algorithms (that are designed to promote every new seller to grow Fiverr, not to promote the quality gigs)…

Reply to @explainerama: Do you have any recommendations that you can PM me.

Yeah I just reached level one status on my gig as well and I haven’t received a new order in a few days (I used to at least have one buyer message me a day about a prospective order). I’m falling back on regular customers now but hopefully I can pick up some new customers soon.

I think you have to wait for getting order. I’ve seen your gig. It’s needed more customization seo friendly. You have to include more description to your gig and your gig’s searching keyword you have to input into title and description.

I think it’s normal. I remember when I reached L1, business slowed for a few days, but things picked up again. Hang in there!

Another reason sales may drop off is because your gigs get indexed in with the great masses when they’re no longer new. If you notice, one of the search parameters is for “New” gigs, which regular browsers of the site probably check out. Once you become levelled, your gigs are part of the larger offerings with all the millions of other gigs.

With time, as you establish a good reputation, and as long as your offerings are unique, well-presented and aren’t part of a highly crowded category, you’ll probably start seeing more dependable sales. Another thing to keep in mind, however, is that everyone’s business goes up and down, and not at the same time or for the same reasons. (Do a forum search on your question; you’ll see it’s a very common complaint for all levels, not just newcomers).

you should promote your gig to social media network.I have some special seller you can check her gig as well.

hi quickjobdone, maybe consider creating more gigs so you have more products to sell?

Your gig looks great.

Do a research to find where are You in search results. Then, if You are not in top, make some changes on Title or key words.

I am facing the same problem now. How many days I have to wait?

Hi quickjobdone! You said you’re about a month old here, but your profile says you’ve been a member for about eight months…Well, January is a very boring time of the year I think for a lot of things. But your track record looks great xcept when you got that “delivery not on time” proxy…Man, those can really hurt…Happened to me way early in the game and so I ended up deleting that gig altogether (it was not for a specialty so it wasn’t a big deal) but my score probably went from 100 % to 98% because of it so I make sure “on time” is number one priority.

If you look at the forum post dates, quickjobdone posted his OP comment (that started this thread) over a year and a half ago (in July 2014). This is an old, outdated forum thread. :wink:

And still a level 1. How do these zombie threads keep appearing.


Nail on the head.