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Why i am not seeing any buyers request?

I am a new seller with 2 week old , all the time I have only seen 1 buyers request , there are no more buyers request. why this is happening? Is it common for all how many days I need to wait for it to seen or any other ideas?


I am face same problem. Anyone here how to fix it.

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hey, if your gigs are in the right category and you are not getting any buyers request then don’t worry it means job posting ratio is low. hope every thing will be better as soon as the current situation get over. Good luck


How many gig you creat?

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check the buyer request panel every hour & make sure that your all is not in the same category. if you put all gigs on the same category then you will not get more buyer requests. So, make sure your all gigs are in a different category.


Created 2 Gigs thats it

whats the problem …?/

no buyers request are seen in recent days

are you active all time on fiverr ??//

daily 3 hours minimum

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Use the category and keyword of your gig properly.

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