Why i am seeing this notification?


A buyer was messaging me about a gig…but why this notification was appearing again and again?


may be that buyer banned from Fiverr. may be She/he send Same massage everyone thats why fiverr banned him/her .


Have you tried refreshing the conversation page?

If that didn’t work, then it’s probably a bug that Fiverr is trying to fix, or an actual technical issue that Fiverr is also trying to fix.

Have you contacted CS about this issue? :slight_smile:

I don’t think so, because when a user is banned, the notification has a completely different message, like “the user may not be contacted” or something like that. This specifically says “technical issue”.


Like this type massage . now i got it. thanks


The buyer is new at Fiverr…my laptop suddenly turned off when i opened his/her profile page…very strange…what should I do? the buyer has placed an order and i still refresh her page for communication.


As I said, you have to contact Customer Support and ask them to help you :wink:


No, i did not receive such message. Even the strange behavior of buyer is very sweet.


Contacted CS now…Thanks.


Inshallah! fiverr CS will Fix it.


I also saw this Notification 2-3 times but It has been disappeared now. I think It’s a Technical Issues as Fiverr mentioned in Notification.


did you try in the Android app version ? Some time it work for me


Its a bug. I got that a few times tonight too.


Okay…I am not worried now if others are also experiencing.


No, I was using laptop when I received texts (and notification)from her. When I tried to check her profile, my laptop turned off automatically.


You are right…if others are also experiencing it then it would be a technical issue.


I’ve also faced this problem today, A buyer was asking for more revision again and again. I was chatting with him about the job at that time. Is that a matter to be worried?


Unluckily, my experience was not good with this buyer. And CS could not explain what the matter was behind this notification.
I think, it is a sign to not work with this buyer(superstitious).