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Why I am unable to see any buyer request?

One week ago I see some requests after that on the buyer request page top right corner it is shown that always 10 offers left today, actually there is nothing.Did I make any mistake ? or why it is like that?

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Can you provide a screnshot?


My buyer request is like that.Do you see anything unusual ?

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  1. How many active gigs do you have now? :thinking:
  2. Did you check your buyer request page daily? :thinking:

And I saw, I think you are a new seller. If you are a new seller please wait. It will show.

Buyer requests depend on your gig tags. If you have 2 or more than gigs, definitely you can see buyer requests daily. Tell us your gig details and share them.
So, I hope we can help for you. :+1: :+1:

Nope, looks like the standard layout to me.

(The “10 offers left” is how many offers you can make, not how many offers there are available.)


I have 4 gigs active.Yes I am a new seller and check buyer request on daily basis.
Do you want me share gig link?
This is my profile link

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Got the point.Thank you very much

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Gigs are OK. Search new matching keywords and try to add them.
@imagination7413 she was correct. You can see available buyer request in the active area. Also, Sometimes you can see 1 active buyer request and nothing shows in that area.
Wait some days and add some matching keywords to your gig.

All the best.

new seller-buyer requests don’t show anytime. please check all-time buyer request page with active always on Fiverr

You are right.Couple hours ago I see one buyer request.
Thank you very much .