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Why i an not getting orders


hii everyone… its khadeeja here… i want to know that why i am getting orders… please anyone can check my gigs… what thing have to improve in my gigs… for getting orders…


You just need to focus on the quality of work and writing / grammar on your landing page gigs.

What do you offer to others?


i offered logo designing…


why ?? it is if there is everything fine in your gig??


If you keep spamming the forum you are going to get into trouble with the moderators.
To tell people about your gigs you are allowed to post a link in the category My Fiverr Gigs only as @offlinehelpers has already told you.


ok thank you sir… i am new to forum so i didn’t know about this rule.


You’re advertising unique logos in your gig description, but the logos in your gig images aren’t unique.

If buyers see the CISCO logo they’ll know you didn’t design it and will click away I’m afraid. Your buyers need to be able to trust you. :sunny:


for news they must send requests to bayers initially orders comes on the basis of buyers requests.



And buyers also want to know exactly what they’ll get if they order from you. Displaying somebody else’s work doesn’t demonstrate your talent, creativity or style. Those logos tell me nothing about you.

It’s sort of like a local pizza place using pictures of Pizza Hut’s food.


that’s normal, try to send proposals on Buyers Request sections every day, then you’ll get orders soon