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Why I aren't getting order?

I had made my last sale 26 days ago. why I aren’t getting order?
Here is my profile link CLICK HERE


what are you doing to GET orders? are you advertising? marketing yourself? sending buyers requests? Updating tags/keywords? Experimenting with new gig offerings?

You can’t expect to have buyers just come to you all the time, you’ve got to make it happen until you get to a higher level where you can afford to sit back and not hustle as much.


Clownish Comment from your side.

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Dear please send a request to buyers daily and read articles on Fiverr Academy to improve your sale.



Same thing happeining with me

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Thank you very much.

Thank you very much dear.

Thank you very much.

please follow this. you will find video tutorials.

I am promoting my gigs @ Social media but yet don’t get any order.What can i do?My profile

Can anybody suggest me what’s fault or what’s wrong???

You are in a tough marketplace, so think about what you can offer that is different to your competition. Research what others are offering and look at how you can offer something better, bigger, higher value, etc.

Niches are great for Fiverr. So few people use them.

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The first few days of July I was getting a TON of orders - now it’s back to being super slow ugh I hate this

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What’s wrong in my gigs?
How can i get order in fiverr

Can anybody suggest me how can i get Order from buyer?
Thanks in advance

Very strange but I am also experiencing hard times here. I have been reading people complain about the new algorithm and their sales getting slow but I did not believe it as I was not experiencing any decrease myself. Unfortunately the last few days are super hard for me in sales. Don’t know what is going on…

Yes, You are right. It is necessary to advertising? marketing yourself? sending buyers requests? Updating tags/keywords? etc. getting order. :slight_smile: