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Why i ca not level up in 1?

Hello, I’ Alexia Liza. I’m a seller. I create my account in 2017. I have already the complete order in 70+, but I can’t level up in 1 or 2. What is the problem? Please If you know why I cannot be level 1 or to. Please help me.

My Account:

Alexia Liza

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To reach level 1, you need to meet all the 8 requirements (yes, ALL 8 requirements; achieving even 7 of them will, unfortunately, not get you level 1):




Your account does not meet the rating requirement, at least, so that alone would keep you from attaining any levels at all. If you are missing any of the other requirements you will have to bring all of them up.

Once you meet the criteria of fiverr level one than you will automatically be leveled up.