Why I can not menion wikipedia?


I have many colleagues they have a Wikipedia biography, they just produce music, or have a few albums, I need people with experience in this topic, I’m not allawed to mention the word wikipedia.


You just did…


Sorry I haven’t explained properly I place an add looking people with experience in Wikipedia I was told to delete the request.


Perhaps you asked for something that Wikipedia´s Terms of Use don´t allow in your request? Fiverr in turn doesn´t allow things 3rd parties don´t allow in its Terms of Service.


I agree with miiila. Wikipedia has strict rules about what they will allow.


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Is Wikipedia complaining to Fiverr about his request?


I don’t know? I don’t assume Wikipedia reads Buyer Requests here. He said Fiverr told him to delete his request which was related to Wikipedia, but not what exactly his request was for so maybe looking at Wikipedia’s terms might help to figure out why.


You can google “wikipedia rules” and read them and then do not do anything on fiverr that violates them.