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Why i can use only price 5$-995$?

Hello, I’m kushal. I am making a gig on business service. Why can I keep the price of a gig between 0 - 995 dollars only? I would like my gig to cost $ 1500. How to increase it?


As you earn higher seller levels, you will be able to set higher prices.

Right now, though, you have no reviews on Fiverr, and thus, no seller reputation or social proof of your skills. Are you sure you’re going to have an instant customer base willing to purchase your logos or website conversion service for $1500? Perhaps setting your prices low, to draw in early clients might be a better strategy for you.


You can apply for fiverr pro account, but I think you should start small, because customer needs social proof to buy your service.


I think even the higher levels don’t allow you to set higher gig prices than $995 (unless you include gig extras where the total might come to more than >$995). They only allow you to send higher custom offers than that. Only Fiverr Pros seem to be able to set gig prices > $995.