Why i cannot get jobs?


i have made 4 gigs i am good in photoshop can make graphics and i can promote also but i have no orders till now how i can get orders please check my gigs and tell me if i am doing something wrong?



"i will write 5 pages from scan jpeg to Microsoft word or any other program and can proof read for punctuations and grammatical mistakes in the pictures"

This gig description needs some corrections on the grammar since there are five grammatical mistakes in this sentence.

Also I am not clear on what you are offering here.


Hi, you sound nice…I know from experience graphics is a hard field. I have 2 gigs that have gotten almost no activity per se…A tip: Ask one of your close friends or relatives to order a gig from you…And have them leave a good review for you. I was advised this by a top-rated seller :slight_smile: Maybe a little more in-depth info could be added in your gig descriptions? Otherwise, looks good :slight_smile: