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Why I cann't get order form buyers?

what’s a problem man I cannot buyer order my gig problem or not please help??

Well, what are you doing to earn orders from your buyers? What productive actions are you taking?

every product sir…plz help
any problem my gig please tell me sir…

Check this thread Want More Sales? .... No Sir!


ok thanks to your advice plz tell me how create a order letter???

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What Do You Mean By Order Letter ?

Check those tips .Hope you will get order.

You have just joined this month as per your profile. Getting the first order is not that easy. Do search for trips and tricks, check the buyer requests section, send requests and also you will find a lot of help post here, read and try to follow them and have patience. Success doesn’t come overnight. Good luck!

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I think you need to hire someone to edit your gig description since it has a lot of
grammar mistakes. Hiring a graphic designer to work on your sample images would also be a good idea since right now it looks like it was put together in a rush.

The images might not be THAT important for now, but the gig description alone
is enough to drive buyers away.

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You did not answer my questions. I cannot help you if you are unwilling to provide some insight into what you are already doing. Fiverr is not a get-rich-quick website. You need to take actions to build your success.

So, I’ll ask you again… what are you doing to earn orders from your buyers? What productive actions are you taking? If you can can answer these two questions, I might be able to help you focus what you could do in your gigs to gain more customers.


thanks next asked me … I’m a Professional Web Developer and WordPress eCommerce Expert. So I’m doing to earn orders
2)E-commerce website
3)landing page
4)form customization
5)WordPress customization
7)Email Templates
On my product this I’m doing action
please any wrong way my gig, please check to tell me, sir
my dashboard link is :

I wasn’t asking you for a list of your services (in your gigs), I was asking what promotional or business-building actions you are taking to promote those gig services. You state that can offer those services to others… I assume those are skills you possess. Are you using any of the skills you offer in your own services to market and promote those same services that you are offering to others?


promote you gigs on social media, facebook twitter, intagram, linkedin or personal website so people can see your services also use top keyword on fiver so people can see your gigs. click and impression are important …

In description details are important use much relevant keyword from fiverr and google in description details

Thanks yes I’ve promoted also ruining any social media like that facebook twitter. I don’t know right way plz help… promotion right way… you learn me?? give any video link given me…thanks sir

You create blogs.

Have you created a blog for yourself where you can promote your gigs?

It might work better for you than posting your profile link on other users’ threads. :wink:

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I’m sorry. I don’t think I can help you any further. Perhaps another forum user will be brave and patient enough to walk you through everything you want to know about succeeding. I just don’t feel that my advice will be helpful to you.

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