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Why i cann't see?

hello i completed fiverr free courses that was available in march but today i opened my laptop and i didnot see the badges why the badges disappear??

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Hi , Please refresh your Website or Update your Fiverr App. You will again see the badges Fiverr will never remove any badges it is due to your app is not updated. Or browser is not updated

thank you for letting me know can you please tell me how can i update fivver app

If you are using andriod go to play store and search fiverr and update it
If your are using andriod
Andriod > google play store > fiverr > update
If you are using i phone
I phone > app store > fiverr > update

i am using laptop i log out and again login and i clear my caches and cookies nothing work i still cannt see my bages

why this is happening there were 4 badges on my profile

They’re still there. It’s just that people are having trouble seeing them on their own profile (maybe because of a bug or Fiverr update).

When I look at your profile, I can see all of your courses just fine.

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ohh its a bug thank you so much for checking my profile i was getting worried here