Why i cant buy anything with my earnings on Fiverr?


can u help me how i can order a item with my earned money



Hi @insaneprices!

To use your earning to buy a gig all you have to do is go and buy the gig and it takes it from your earning automatically. I have bought gigs before and it takes it right from there first. The gig can not be more than the cost you have loaded ( the number on your profile image in Fiverr ) or it will not work and give you other options.

Hope this helps! :smiley:


hey, i have try this but the options i have is paypal or CreditCard :confused:


Hmm. Try contacting cutomer support? It should be the first if not only option from my experience at least.


ok thank you very much


No problem! If you have any other questions let me know! :smiley:


The gig price can’t be higher than the amount you earned or else it won’t work.

For example if you are trying to buy a $50 gig but you only have $40 in Fiverr credit you will have to use your credit card or PayPal.