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Why i can't buy courses with my fiverr balance from


well, guys today I went to ( to buy a course on digital marketing today but I failed to purchase a course with my Fiverr balance, now why I can’t buy a course with my Fiverr balance when I can order any gig with my balance?
don’t you guys think that if they had added that they could have got more sales on
I think Fiverr should concentrate on it and please let me know if I am saying anything wrong or inappropriate


I think, if you have payment concerns regarding Fiverr’s course offerings, you should talk to Customer Support. We cannot help you with this, nor is anything we say going to fix your concerns. Fiverr CS is the only source of information regarding account and payment services.


well thanks for the suggestion but I just wanted to know the opinions about it from the seniors that’s why I invited you, but thanks for the response :slightly_smiling_face::+1:


Like I said, we cannot help you, nor will our opinions resolve your concerns. Fiverr Customer Support is the only source for an answer regarding payment for their learning courses.