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Why i cant chage my user name?


why i cannot change my user name and how can i change display picture?


Every account has a unique username associated with a specific email so you can’t change it. You have to hover over the display picture to change it.


contact the customer support


Unfortunately, contacting CS is not gonna help. This is because it is IMPOSSIBLE to change the user name associated with an account once it has already been created.


When I applied for an account to Fiverr, I unknowingly filled in my name for the username. :dizzy_face: I sought to change it because I wanted to be more anonymous, :nerd_face: but I found there is no way to change your username once you create it. :weary:

That is bad advise and it by contacting CS the OP would be wasiting their time! :frowning:


You can’t change username. Check out this mini article about changing username, fiverr suggests that you close your account and create a new one:


You can’t , it is unique


thanx for your precious suggestions :slightly_smiling_face: