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Why i can't deliver my work

When I deliver my work, it will automatically sign out…

I have never heard of this issue. It is hard to even read and understand your gigs because they should all have different and excellent gig images instead of the same image. If you keep having trouble, take some screen shots and open a ticket with Customer Support. Be sure to change up your gigs, though, your gigs could be denied over the issues in them.

As @fonthaunt already told you, this is a completely new bug I’ve never heard about.
You should contact Customer Support and give them all the infos tech team could use to nail the problem and eventually fix it: at least OS, browser used, browser version, when you started to have this problem.

I’m tempted to think the problem is on your pc, but maybe I’m wrong.

Reply to @mark74: I would say a browser problem could easily be the issue as well. I know my browser has settings to have it log me out after a certain amount of time or after doing certain actions. Customer Support is definitely the best option since they will at least know if there is a known issue with this. I’d be glad to see an update from the OP if they get an answer. :slight_smile: