Why i can't earn


i am a graphics designer . I also create gig and add everything, But Buyer not bye me. What can i do. Please check my gig and suggest me. my gig link is https://www.fiverr.com/s2/69b2735988


Your GIG video is very poor. GIG is not showing any of your past work ( business card) be a more creativity when posting the GIG. keep in mind you must add your work. your GIG video is showing only text. there are two photo in your GIG. it is also very poor. not eye catching, professional looking. go to other related GIG and watch how they are working with GIG. don’t copy their detail. you can get some idea and make your own. if you can’t try to get help from writer. there are lot of writer doing their job on fiverr. so you can find one. other thing is you are just start your job. so try to give one day service. don’t put it to extra GIG you can do that later. re create the GIG and share it in social media site. definitely you will have a order. and DON’T GIVE UP. i wish you all the best