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Why I Can't Earn?

I don’t understand anymore.

I have been a fiverr seller for many years. And while I have a fairly steady stream of income, I have hardly been making any earnings in recent months. My customer feedback is fine, most of my scores are almost 5 and the reviews I receive are amazing! (also I am level 2 seller) But for some reason my gig stats are so bad now. I hardly get any new customers. I’ve applied discounts on many prices, but it doesn’t work. What is the reason of this? I don’t understand why fiverr leave such a loyal seller like me, alone. What should I do?

I have read and applied dozens of articles on fiverr blog and forum, but still I can not make a profit as before.

Normally, I’m earning 2-3K dollars a monthly, I now make 200-300 dollars. And these are all my old customers.

Will you help me guys?

Stay with love,