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Why I can't find buyer request?

why I can’t find a buyer request?


Buyer request is under the More tab. Nothing pops up but it is located there


Here is a screenshot of where to find the “More” tab. If you cannot see it adjust the zoom on your browser.


You can’t see buyer requests, until you reach at least level one seller!


That is not true. :wink:

No level sellers can see Buyer Requests. However, they do not see as many. :roll_eyes:

Also, Fiverr only allows :one::zero: sellers from each level to make offers on each Buyer Request. Since so many no level sellers need Buyer Request when they first start selling on Fiverr the BR’s disappear very fast because of the competition.


If you say so. Since i never met a “no level seller” who actually can see Buyer Request.

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Go to the more tab and click buyer requests. Sometimes, there are none available and that is ok and normal!


Hello, @ninoslav91, my name is Vickie. It is good to meet you. :wave: Let me tell you of my experience with Buyer Requests as a Level 0 seller.

I began on Fiverr in July of 2017. All of my first gigs were booked because of Buyer Requests. If I had not used Buyer Requests, then it would have been very challenging for me to become Level 1 and then a Level 2 seller on Fiverr.


In my case yes it was true


Hi @ninoslav91. I’m currently a no level seller, since I just joined Fiverr. I’ve sent 6 offers through Buyer Requests and seen plenty more. In fact, I actually got my first order through Buyer Requests!


Well i don’t know then. In my case, i can’t see. And i know many others no level sellers who can’t see too! So i suppose, it’s something else behind.

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then go to options - buyers requests

there you can select yur gig, price and delivery days.

then submit your request to the buyer.

the buyer will then cotact you, at your gig.

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After asking around, I found that some no level sellers do not see Buyer Requests. I am not sure why that is, but I suspect it does have something to do with the number of gigs in the category in which the new seller has created their gigs.

For instance, WordPress hs 59,074 sellers and 44,206 of them are new. In my category which is proofreading, there are 10,245 gigs and 8,080 are new.

This is only my speculation as to why not all no level sellers see Buyer Requests. Only Fiverr knows the real reason. :thinking:

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Hmm, that’s strange. I guess it really depends on if you’re lucky with the times you look at it, since requests disappear so quickly. Good luck, I hope you can get some soon!


okay, if that’s the case, i might be hopeful, but in my account i even didn’t find the option to go where to find the buyer request, means selling >buyer request is not at all exist in my account. who can help me?

yes bro same problem. My buyer request option is not show my profile. please help me bro…

My buyer request option is not show my profile. please help me bro. what i do now?

I am new here and I see buyer requests and have responded and had my first gig via this method.

you must also be in seller mode.
Also have the necessary categories selected in your profile, and check your filters in the search function.