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Why i can't find my gig in fiverr search?

Hello Everybody. How are You?

Recently i created a Mailchimp Email Template gig. But i can’t find it search.

This is my Gig URL:

Have any solution?

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Well, since we are only a few days into December and it looks like you just created your account in the past few days that is probably your answer. If you created your gig less than a week ago, it may not have been even indexed in Fiverr search yet. That is doubly true if your account is brand new.

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Hi, i also can not find my 100% rated gig search also. I happened because I changed my gig category . my gig was 2nd search position in psd to html css.

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Hi, I can’t find also my gig in fiverr search. Maybe this is the reason why I’m not receiving orders now. How could this happen? Any advice and suggestions will be greatly appreciated.

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The search is not there because you do not have rank and lots of positive feedback.

To create traffic to your gigs, you are not just relying on keyword searches in fiverr.

But also promoted out like twitter and facebook group.

My gig ranked before and now it can’t be found in digital marketing/local listing category.

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Exactly the same thing here. I have a steady gig I’ve run for a year now, gig is live and occasionally gets inquiries and sales, but it’s a lot quieter. I can’t find myself in the search at all and people offering the same services are ranking way higher despite having a lot less positive feedback than me.

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To find your gig in search field you need to promote your gig on groups twitter etc

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You will only get out into the index if your gigs in accordance with pa in search of customers.
It’s only the area around seo onpage.

Keyword and articles you have to explain what you are selling and in accordance with the target market in search of potential customers you