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Why i can't find my gig on search result?


Before 2 months I was in a vacation mood. After turning off the vacation mood No other person order me within 2 months. I Can’t I find my gig on the search result. I lost my ranking and last month I was so despondent. Almost I have left my profession but my old buyers are knocking me again and again, this why I wanna back full speedily. Now please help me, what to do? and How to do?


While this may not be what you want to hear, the truth is, you’ve been away from Fiverr for two months. You had your account in vacation mode for two months. While you were away, you were not active, and, as a non-active seller, you don’t belong in the the search results. By placing your account into vacation mode, you basically told Fiverr that, “I don’t want orders”, so Fiverr removed you from the search listings – the place where sellers get orders.

You weren’t active on this site, so Fiverr made room in the listings for other sellers that are active. Now that you’re back, you are going to have to market and promote your gigs, and bring in new customers. Once you prove your activity, your gigs may start to rise again in the listings.

Active sellers belong in the search results. For two months, you were not active, thus, your gigs were not gaining impressions, clicks and views, and they did not belong in the search results. This seems like common sense to me.


Best of luck . I hope you regain your previous place .


Weird policy. Working creates stress sometimes, especially as a freelancer, if you have lots of work and are doing all of it alone. To relieve stress, one should take a vacation. Surely they want sellers to perform at peak performance and with good health?

You’re not the first one who has mentioned losing ranks after a vacation. I don’t remember if they were on a longer one as well, though. Perhaps it’s not as severe if it’s for a couple of weeks only? :thinking:


Thanks…How can i came back as like before?


Perhaps you missed the solution, as I wrote it in my original response to you:

Market and promote your gigs. Bring in customers, who, in turn, place orders, and make your gig active, and accumulating interest. Deliver those orders, and earn positive reviews from the work you deliver. All of these positive things will add up over time, and your gig(s) will likely start to rise in the search results again.

There is no instant, “everything is back to the way it used to be” answer. You were gone for two months. You are likely going to have to work hard to regain what was lost due to your inactivity. Fiverr did not “hold your place” in the rankings. You lost your “place”. You’re going to have to earn it back.


Oh… :slight_smile: Thanks dear


Please don’t call me “dear”. My Fiverr name, “jonbaas” is sufficient.

Or, you could have just said, “Thanks” … (no “dear” necessary).