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Why i can't find my gig

hello guys, I completed an order last day and that time my gig was on the 5th page in relevance. but after completed the order I can’t find my gig on any page. Can anyone, please tell me why this is happening.


Is your gig receiving impressions? If so, it’s live and healthy. Sometimes gigs just show up in different places.

A gig may show up under its category heading, or it may show up only when buyers search for specific terms.

A friend of mine, for example, no longer sees his gig when he clicks on Writing and Translation, but he does see it when he searches for “24 hour blogs”.

Where your gig is displayed is likely to keep changing over time. Fiverr doesn’t promise anybody that their gig will show up where they want it to. Fiverr themselves have said: “We use complex algorithms in order to determine where and when Gigs will show up in searches.”


OK I got it.thanks for explain me.It relief me from the wary.

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