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Why I can't get any order after deliver my first work with 5 review?

Hi, I am a new seller.After account created I got my first job just 2 days.I deliver this job with clients satisfaction.but after this job I can’t get any order then also I have made six gigs and send 65 buyer request also.Pls, suggest me how to get much order.
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Hello! I see you are a new seller. I am a new seller as well. While, I am not exatcly the person to tell you this since I do not get orders everyday, but I see that you are really driven. Just be patient. The right people are going to search for your services, those who need them. Patience is the key. Work hard, but don’t have high expectations because this place is full of amazingly skilled sellers. Also, delivering your first gig just two days after creating an account is actually pretty fast, so you are actually doing a pretty good job! Keep doing what you are doing! :))


Thanks for suggesting me. Actually, 2 months is very long time to unsuccessful in this marketplace.I am very upset, Can I able to remove this failure circle?

I’m still amazed at how quick you got your first order. Two days is pretty fast. Welldone!