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Why I Can't Get any order in 3 month

For about 3 months I have no Order.I’m marketing every day all Social Media platform, No order
Please Help Me, what I do I’m online in 24/24.


I got the same situation, i did the promotions too. And some of my friends has the same situation. But don’t know any clear reason for that.

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do something different and chose trending gigs and use attractive photo think in your mind what going on in these days

use good title and main keyword in start of title
use that keyword in description more then 5 time
use tag as keyword with different style example : mobile , amazing mobile, new amazing mobile etc


I’m also not getting any order. :disappointed:

I guess the supply is high in Fiverr but the demand is very low.

Every category have hundred or thousands of sellers but not many buyers. Then there are experienced sellers with levels and reviews, they take most or all the jobs.

We have to wait, and try to keep optimizing our gigs, try to have 4-7 gigs at a time and market it on social media to target market

Good luck :+1:

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Same problem with my account!! Even I am getting client’s message few minutes later they leave message!! It’s strange!!

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Happy Anniversary Sofast

You need to be active on Fiverr 24/7


OMG, horrible tip :weary:


U need to active on fiverr 24 hours.keeep sharing ur gig on social media.and stay with fiverr forum. automatically order will come to u.


what can i do now bro

i also do that , no buyer knock me

okay thank you .what I do now

brother pls online 24 hours

okay bro i’ll do that

Well it is pretty normal! Everyone has been in your situation. Try to do a keyword research and put them on your title and gigs. Try to use catchy photos too


im also nt getting any offer.but um tryinh hard

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All the best , be strong man :heart:


No you don’t. That’s a lie.

No you don’t. Stop perpetuating this lie.

That’s spamming not marketing, marketing is how to deliver your value to someone who needs that value to resolve problem.