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Why I Can't Get any order in 3 month

I don’t know why so many people think posting your link over and over again is marketing.

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Because they almost haven’t marketing basics or they learned marketing (Spamming) from random free videos on YouTube.


Mate, you have to learn more about marketing. And you need to stay strong, give “fresh” and good pictures and speak about your offer. Orders will come ^^

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what …are you saying

Social Media platform Marketing men …my gig link share all Social Media platforms only.
why you called spamming. it’s not a spamming it’s marketing.

Staying online 24/7 doesn’t get orders. You’re telling people to do something that is wrong.

Knowing your market and being exceptional gets you orders. Simply being online 24/7 does not and I don’t know why people keep saying that.

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Because marketing needs to do market research to explore the target customer.


i know that boss . and i’ll do that

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Thanks bro for your kind information