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Why I can't get any order yet if there any problem

I am a graphics designer. create a gig for more than 4 months but I can’t get any order.
if any problem in my gig please inform and tell me how to get my 1st order.

my gig:


First On the New account it’s hard to get order right.
You have to send the buyer request daily to take the order.

When You have some order your gig will be rank but you need to improve your gig. You need to make the better banner your banner is not so good! You also need to write the description in the proper way. So if any one read your description. He/She can read description. Now your description is not good form!

Please visit the top gig in your field and check how they create the gig. You need Improvement.

No wonder you’re not getting any orders. You’re doing background removal. There are thousands of others with the same gig. Anybody with photoshop can easily do it in 10 seconds.